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Dangal Box Office Collection prediction – Dangal income reports

Dangal Box Office Collection prediction – Dangal income reports
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Biopics made on the life and of eminent sports personalities have always been liked and appreciated by the critics as well as the audiences. The box office collections has always soared when it comes to showing the struggle, the feats or the downfalls of such sporty people. Soon Aamir Khan will be coming up with such a predicted Bollywood box office hit that will be based on the life of a 55-year old wrestler. ‘Dangal’ starring Aamir Khan in the lead role is being predicted as one of those movies that will be a box office hit for this year. ‘Dangal’ is expected to score around 250 crores, being an Aamir Khan movie. The movie will be directed by Nitesh Tiwari. ‘Dangal’ is looked forward to being an extravagant movie that will soar the overall box office collections of this year.

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan will be donning the role of Mahavir Phogat, a wrestler himself who gives coaching to his two daughters. His daughters further bring laurels to their father’s hard work as well as to the nation by winning medals at international level. Aamir Khan has went steps forward in making this movie a hit at the box office. Aamir has risked his health for ‘Dangal’ as he has put on 22 kilograms for the role of the wrestler. He was 68 kgs before entering into the role of the wrestler, and now he is 90 kgs. Aamir’s experimentative nature has always brought him laurels from the critics as well as the general audience. His hard work and dedication will once again work at the box office, making it a success. ‘Dangal’ is the story of a father who strives hard to get his daughters stand for themselves, and to not tolerate and stay quiet for the injustice to them.

Dangal Box Office Collection prediction - Dangal income reports

‘Dangal’ is being anticipates as a huge box office hit, blame the star power of Aamir Khan attached with it. The first-day prediction is expected to be around 35+ crores which will be a very good start. Aamir Khan is leaving no stone un-turned to capture every incident related to Mahavir Phogat’s life and get it to the 70mm screen. ‘Dangal’ will go on floors by the end of this year. We sincerely predict this movie to be a hit at the box office and do wonders.

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